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chef_bianchi's Journal

{ food, love, life }
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l'amore è un viaggio, non una meta.
love is a journey, not a destination

chef bianchi
Bianchi, 28
Chef/Food Critic

(taken from FOOD TODAY, page 23, Feb 2008 Issue)

When asked when her passion for cooking started, the woman known as Chef Bianchi will simply reply: "I was five and I had decided that in place of playing with dolls in my room, I wanted to play with food in the kitchen." When asked when her passion for food began, she merely smiles: "What a ridiculous question. It has always been there. You live, you eat. How can you not be passionate about a thing that is as essential as breathing?"

Most of those in the cooking world know her as "The Scorpion", one of the toughest food critics who'll write and tell it as it is without batting an eyelash or mincing her words -- at least when it comes to what may be considered 'good food'. And there is no doubt that she knows exactly what that means.

Raised in Italy, Bianchi professes often that she was self-schooled in the culinary arts, preferring to experiment with dishes in her family's kitchen rather than to attend and study in professional schools. "My family often found themselves in the role of guinea pigs, you might say," she laughs in an interview. "My younger brother, in particular. I think I victimized a number of times simply because he was around the most."

"It is passion that makes the art of cooking beautiful," she continues, quoting the words she penned down in an article contributed to an international culinary publication. "In school they will teach you techniques, but techniques are nothing but sequences; it is the heart of the chef that will make a dish succeed. It is a chef's love for the craft that will move the hearts of many."

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