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{ food, love, life }
19 February 2009 @ 01:01 pm

*sound of feedback*

Bianchi: What. Is the meaning. Of this?


Bianchi: I want an answer right now.


Bianchi: Ah. So that's how it is, eh? If no one talks then all of you will have to deal with the consequences because frankly, I'm in no mood--

Female!Minion #1: It um...

Bianchi: Hmmm?

Female!Minion #1: I-it was a joke ma'am. For Valentine's? Um--

Bianchi: *sputters something in Italian* A... a joke? Submitting a personal ad to some random internet dating site and indicating my company email and address is a JOKE?!

Male!Minion #1: It was completely well-meant ma'am!

Male!Minion #2: We just figured you needed some TLC ma'am! It was Happy Hearts Day and--




Female!Minion #2: ...or a woman. I mean, if that's your thing boss.

(OOC; Totally a mistake on Bianchi's part. Will be locked after the flood of messages/inquiries/concerned comments come in. ^^:)
{ food, love, life }
The Story: In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Bianchi's little minions from the Accounts Department at V&A decided to put up a Personal Ad for their lovely Assistant Boss. Said ad was up the evening of the 12th, right before said minions punched out for some drinks at a nearby cocktail bar.

Bianchi did not hear anything of this until Kyoko Sasagawa pointed it out to her over private correspondence. Then and only then did the strange occurence of wayward emails in her company address from individuals asking to meet with her for drinks, dinner or... otherwise; make sense.

In other words: Feel free to harass spam Bianchi, bbs. <3
{ food, love, life }
17 February 2009 @ 10:36 am

I missed posting about it, but belated Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I hope the weekend gave you all the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones ♥

Spent last Friday in and sick. :( I'm not sure if I should be thankful for it though I might have been a lucky one to miss the chaos that seemed to be happening over at the office. I hope everyone is alright and that everything is back to normal, though the last few days on the network seem to be.

Saturday was at the grocery where I bumped into an old friend and then went home to focus on finishing an urgent request for chocolate roses for a young new client. Received a thank you card from the girl this morning. :) I am expecting the boy will be giving me a call to make a second batch so that he can reciprocate come White Day.

Not so sick anymore, but am still working from home. Will be back in action tomorrow, that's a promise.


Please send a full email report on anything and everything that transpired last Friday. I won't be in until tomorrow but I want to review a summary of the file and make sure that everything is in order before I forward the details to Takahashi-san. Yes, he is still on annual leave until next week, you'll have to put up with me for a little while longer.

Other than that, I will see you all when I get back.

P.S. Aki, I received your text message. Don't bother sending the gifts to my house, they'll keep until I check them tomorrow. As for the cake, so it won't spoil, cut it up and provide equal portions to everyone who's in today. No sense letting it go to waste. I doubt it'll keep for another day. :)


Lovelies, I'm sorry for cancelling last Saturday's cook-in. Will make it up to you this coming week.

By the way, are we still on for Wednesday night? Was referred to this new bar, I hear their cocktail drinks are brilliant and we can get in for free as long as we get there before 9pm.


Hai ricevuto i cookies? Quando siamo noi che hanno il caffè? Sei stato il mio ignorando le chiamate di nuovo, di un fratello. :)


I hope Bester is enjoying the steaks. Be well. It was great catching up. :)
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{ food, love, life }
16 February 2009 @ 08:20 am
hullo lovelies ♥ noey here with bianchi. feel free to hit me up on AIM/YM/MAN as [beautybedamned]. all emails can be forwarded to beautybedamned [at] yahoo [dot] com, or if you're not an email-type person, feel free to PM me over here or at mlina, my personal LJ.

feedback for me/bianchi on this post. comments are screened and anonymous logging is switched on with ips off.